Archive | May, 2011

#13 – Participate in a Competition

I am a competitive son of a bitch. I just want to throw that out there.  I figure it’ll clear the air for the post that you are about to read.  The reasons for it?  I think I’m going to toss this one at my father.  I love him dearly, but growing up he was […]

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#14 – Food Festival!

Living in Lancaster, PA is an odd mix of being in an urban environment that is working to reinvent itself and old world style agriculture that still supports and sustains a majority of the population.  I live in the city, so I’m walking distance to all kinds of shops, restaurants and bars as well as […]

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#22 – Take a Cooking Class

My mother would tell you that I learned to cook when she sat me up on the countertop as a kid and had me watch as she prepped the family dinners.  No, I wasn’t sitting in some kind of specialty made countertop foam enclosed baby chair.  I was there near the knives, the flames and […]

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